Dr. Taub Featured in Chicago Sun-Times' Splash Magazine

June 28, 2013

Dr. Taub talks to Chicago Sun-Times' Splash Magazine about Photorejuvenation, Sublative Rejuvenation, and laser resurfacing treatments to get your skin looking radiant and healthy on your wedding day.

Photorejuvenation will correct brown and age spots and reduce the appearance of pore size, while laser resurfacing treatments will help to diminish moderate to deep wrinkles. 

"If your skin is in good shape — no serious breakouts, redness or dryness — Dr. Amy Forman Taub of Advanced Dermatology (275 Parkway, suite 521, Lincolnshire, Advdermatology.com) suggests starting on wedding-ready skincare two to three months before the event.  If skin needs a more extensive overhaul, Taub recommends five to seven months of treatments like Photorejuvenation ($350-$500 per session) to reduce redness, pore size or pigmentation, or Sublative Rejuvenation ($750 per session) to diminish scarring." Read More.