Sun Freckles

Brown spots (liver spots, sun freckles) are due sun damage accumulating over the years.  People of all skin types can and usually do develop brown spots on their skin on the face, neck and chest, the hands and arms, and the legs. Generally, such spots do not pose a health risk many people find these spots are a cosmetic concern. (Occasionally a brown spot becomes larger and has irregular pigment and/or shape this should be evaluated by a dermatologist to make sure it is not lentigo maligna, a freckle type of melanoma).  Fortunately, there are multiple ways that our providers at Advanced Dermatology can employ to remove brown spots from the skin. The treatments range from topical therapies (prescription hydroquinoine with retinoid or retinols such as skinfo Vital Tea Regenerate Serum 3x or SkinMedica Tri-Retinol Complex, adding in chemical peels ( Beta Peels) or microdermabrasion (DERMALINFUSION®), or lasers (Fraxel Dual, Photorejvuenation with Elight SRA.) There are many lasers that are effective for sun freckles.  If there are only a few, a Q switch laser treatment can effectively remove these in 1-2 treatments.  If an entire area is affected, we often look to Fraxel or IPL photorejuvenation.  If these are accompanied by wrinkles or textural irregularities than the EDuo or CO2RE (fractional CO2 resurfacing)can be very effective.