truSculpt® iD for body shaping, contouring, and fat loss

Today, we are presented with many invasive and non-invasive treatment options to eliminate fat, sculpt, and shape our bodies.  Deciding which one is best for your body type, can be intimidating.  Our non-invasive approach with years of proven treatments and a scientific study yielding visible results, have led Advanced Dermatology to become a leading destination for body shaping and sculpting.

We know that debulking fat with a BMI of less than 30 can be achieved with multiple CoolSculpting treatments.  Yet, some patients have pockets of fat that may be too small or too large to treat with CoolSculpting and/or may have loose skin accompanied with it.  These patients are perfect candidates for truSculpt® iD, as we find it can not only eliminate fat, but also help firm and tighten loose and sagging skin.

Dr. Taub's practice was chosen to perform a truSculpt® iD study to evaluate the effects of the device in a variety of body types. By using controlled ultrasound fat thickness measurements and 360 degree photography, results and clinical outcomes were documented and validated at different time points.

This further validated our combination body shaping and contouring treatment methodologies at Advanced Dermatology. We are very excited to be able to now offer the truSculpt® iD as an alternative or adjunctive therapy producing the optimal aesthetic outcomes for our patients.


How do I know if I need truSculpt® iD?

People with isolated pockets of fat, in areas such as the love handles, thighs, upper arms, buttocks, above the knees, and the abdomen, have seen a loss in fat as well as improvement in skin's laxity and cellulite appearance post a truSculpt® iD treatment. Their bodies have also been transformed revealing a more contoured shape. 

How does truSculpt® iD work?

truSculpt® iD allows patients to sculpt their ideal body with a revolutionary non-surgical, body-sculpting treatment. Its comfortable, safe, and effective technology is clinically proven to permanently eliminate fat cells in suborn areas around the abdomen and flanks in as little as one 15-minute treatment. truSculpt® iD delivers body definition even in areas that have been resistant to diet and exercise.

truSculpt® iD, an FDA cleared device, uses radiofrequency to deliver controlled heating deep within the skin and fat layers. The goal of the treatment is to reach a specific level of temperature within adipose tissue to disrupt and damage the fat cells.

The treatment is performed by a medical or aesthetic provider who applies the truSculpt® iD applicator across the selected treatment area of the skin's surface. During the procedure, you will experience a warm sensation on the area being treated as therapeutic temperatures are reached. This new applicator, developed by Dr. Taub and her research team, has doubled the results but also shortened the treatment time by half.

One truSculpt® iD treatment lasts 15 minutes, and you will start to see results after 6 weeks and up to 3 months post treatment. The size of the treatment cycle area will be discussed at an in-depth treatment consultation to find the most appropriate areas that will create the maximum aesthetic outcome. Usually 1-3 treatments per area is needed for the truSculpt® iD, with most falling in the 1-2 range.  6 applicators are placed on the body at once that can be dispersed in any configuration

What is the difference between TruSculpt 3D and TruSculpt iD  (please note we previously offered 3D, and we now have BOTH devices) 

Both the truSculpt® 3D and truSculpt® iD are equally effective and use similar technology to cause fat apoptosis (destruction) but the truSculpt® iD is an upgraded system, allowing up to 6 applicators to be placed on the body with a hands-free technique, whereas the truSculpt® 3D has 2 applicators with a hands-on technique.  The truSculpt® iD has advanced software to precisely time the energy in each applicator based on actual body temperature.  The truSculpt® iD can also treat 3 times the areas in one fourth the time (as the truSculpt® 3D).

What benefits can I expect?

In 1 to 3 months following a truSculpt® iD treatment, you can expect to see a reduction in fat, as well as a tighter and more firm skin appearance, reduction in circumference, improvement in cellulite appearance, and enhanced body contours. In some instances, an additional treatment after 12 weeks in these same areas will be needed depending on the amount of fat removal desired.  Each treatment removes an average of 24% of the fat that is being treated. 

What are the risks and side effects?

Both are minimal to none.  Prior to the treatment all potential risks and side effects will be discussed with you by your medical provider and cosmetic coordinator.  trusculpt® iD is not advised for patients with implanted metal in the body between the area being treated and the return pad (usually on the back) or those that are pregnant. trusculpt® iD is not advised patients under the age of 18.

How will I look and feel during and after the treatment?

During the treatment, you will feel a warm to hot sensation which can be adjusted based on your comfort level.  The skin in the treatment area may appear pink or red after the procedure and typically resolves within a few hours. As there is no downtime, you may resume to your normal activities after your truSculpt® iD treatment.

Are there other ways to get the same benefits?

CoolSculpting may be considered to reduce fat prior to tightening and sculpting with truSculpt® iD.  Torc may also be considered following the treatment to improve muscle definition.

The truSculpt® iD.and Coolsculpting both non-invasively and permanently remove fat.  truSculpt® iD does so with Radiofrequency energy and Coolsculpting does so with cold energy.  There are benefits of both methods and some people may benefit from one versus the other or even sometimes a combination. The goal is to get rid of stubborn fat pockets and attain and more attractive shape. Torc is a muscle stimulation device, meant to increase the strength and definition of large muscle groups in the abdomen, buttocks, and thighs. The device causes a full muscular contraction while you are laying down over a 30-minute period, which is equivalent to multiple hours at the gym. The goal is to increase muscle definition as well as strength and even posture. 

Can truSculpt® iD be combined with other treatments?

Yes. truSculpt® iD can be used in combination with other non-surgical methods such as Thermage, TriPollarTM Apollo®, Torc and CoolSculpting to achieve a full body shaping and contoured transformation. 

What is the cost of truSculpt® iD?

Treatment begins at $750.  During a consultation the number of cycles best suited for your results, will be discussed with you by your provider.   *Results vary with each individual.

To learn more about truSculpt® iD, please call 847-459-6400 or contact us to make an appointment with one of our cosmetic coordinators.