Wart & Molluscum Contagiousum Treatment

Warts and molluscum contagiosum are common viral eruptions that are a nuisance, but can spread if not treated.  They are also resistant to common therapies, leading to multiple visits and frustration.  At Advanced Dermatology we often use methods not used by other dermatology offices.  Our mainstay of treatments for warts are injections of either candida antigen (yeast extract) or bleomycin (chemotherapy drug).  We have chosen these methods because they usually work with less treatments and have better rates of both clearance and recurrence than the more commonly used method of cryotherapy (liquid nitrogen).  Candida injections stimulate your body’s own immune system to fight off the wart virus.  Although it does take 1-4 treatments, it works 80% of the time and has a recurrence rate of only 11%.  Bleomycin is a very powerful drug that kills rapidly dividing cells, like cancer cells.  But viruses are also rapidly dividing, which explains how they work. This is especially good for large plantar warts.  We also do the traditional therapies such as topical agents and freezing  when appropriate.  We have an excellent reputation for being able to get rid of some of the most stubborn warts.

Destruction of warts (up to 15): $200
Injection of warts (up to 7): $120
Injection of warts over 7: $140
Bleomycin Drug: $75