We have 3 new procedures for hair loss!

All new hair loss procedures involve providing increased growth factors to the cells that make hair. Growth Factor Infusion with Hydrafacial is a gentle water based microdermabrasion to the scalp areas of hair loss performed by one of our estheticians. This is like a massage to the scalp and it infuses the growth factors into the scalp.

Microneedling with Growth Factors uses microneedling (a roller or small device that microscopically pierces the skin) and the solution is massaged through the microscopic openings in the skin.

PRP, Platelet Rich Plasma, is using your body’s own growth factors that are present in your own blood that are injected into the scalp. We draw your blood, spin it down and use only the topmost portion of the serum that has the most growth factors.

Which is the most effective? Truthfully, we don’t know. Early results have been promising for all 3. The advantages of the Infusion is that it is pleasant and has no discomfort and is the least expensive of the 3. The advantages of the microneedling is that the microneedling itself has been shown to help grow hair so it is like 2 treatments in one and the growth factors are being penetrated more deeply. The advantage of the PRP is that it is the most studied of the 3 techniques, although the studies are not conclusive (many have found improvement but some have not found improvement). One advantage of PRP is that we will be using your own growth factors. However, this does mean if you don’t have very strong or plentiful growth factors it may not be as effective! The growth factor solution we have for the infusion and microneedling procedures was devised to have a high concentration of multiple necessary growth factors.

Any way you decide to do it, you also need your home care, which should consist of both the kerafactor spray ($150) twice per day and the ADVRX Female or Male Hair Loss Solutions ($60).

Getting hair to grow is no easy matter. We understand that these procedures and treatments can be expensive but there is no magic bullet for hair regrowth! A combination of these procedures is recommended for optimal results as well as a period of 3-6 months of treatments and daily home care.