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Introducing Our New Body Shaping GAME CHANGERS!

Here is what you need to know about our newest additions for body shaping- they are both GAME changers! Since 2010, we have been using the CoolSculpting® (CS) technology to target, freeze, and eliminate fat cells. CoolSculpting® is FDA cleared

What Can You Do With BOTOX® and Fillers?

BOTOX® and dermal filler injections are traditionally thought to be used to smooth away facial wrinkles and restore volume to the aging face. However, there are some creative ways to use BOTOX® and fillers to achieve complete rejuvenation. If you

Anti-Aging Neck Solutions

Multiple issues can cause the skin of the neck to look older: • Laxity (sagging) – caused by loss of collagen and elastin due to aging and sun damage. The skin thins and it has less support. • Neck Bands

I Have Darker Skin, What Lasers Do You Have For Me?

At Advanced Dermatology, we have several lasers and cosmetic treatments for patients with darker skin types. For example, there are often men and women who ask about laser hair removal, as they are interested in getting rid of unwanted hair

Why Do Non-Invasive Treatments?

Non-invasive treatments for aging as well as scars, rosacea, birthmarks, hair removal, hair growth, leg veins, and even acne have continually been improved upon for the past 20 years. Many now approach surgical results, although surgical results are considered the

Tackling Hyperpigmentation Caused By Acne

Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH), or the dark marks left behind after acne resolves, can be very distressing for our patients. As acne heals, the skin produces too much melanin or the protein that gives skin color. Excess melanin darkens and discolors

Why Can’t I Grow A Full Beard?

Men’s beards have happened to become quite fashionable over the past few years. Like all other human features, there is a great variation in beard growth from one man to the next. Some men grow extremely dense beards over the

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