A Dinner Table Revelation: My Non-Surgical Facelift Journey

I am excited to share some groundbreaking developments in the world of non-surgical facelifts that have left me genuinely impressed. In recent years, cosmetic dermatology has witnessed the emergence of new therapies that defy (or at least delay) the need for surgery. Two standout treatments, Emface® and Volux®, have caught my attention for their transformative effects on facial rejuvenation.

I’ll share my personal experience. As someone deeply invested in exploring the latest innovations in dermatology, I had a series of Emface® treatments, a recent addition to our lineup that combines muscle stimulation (via a magnetic field) and collagen boosting (by radiofrequency). Eight sessions later, the results speak volumes (see my before and after photos below) after 4 treatments- PS I hate looking at my own photos too- surely I don’t look like that! The improvement in skin tone and overall lift in the forehead and lower face is pretty remarkable. This has become one of my go-to recommendations for patients seeking a non-invasive lift.

The introduction of Volux® made that treatment so much more effective, due to the very strong holding power of this filler. I was not too happy seeing my jowls go to South America, so I decided to have this myself, as it is kind of an instantaneous effect. Just one syringe of this powerful filler made me feel better about looking in the mirror.

A recent dinner with four esteemed colleagues/friends provided an illuminating insight into the impact of these treatments. All of them asked me what I had done and said that I had never looked more beautiful. They were surprised that Emface® and Volux® were the extent of my cosmetic interventions since they had last seen me. It’s hard to see ourselves in any kind of objective manner, so the unanimous raves I got further confirmed my perception of these two techniques/ therapies being some of the best we’ve had in recent years.

If you’ve been contemplating a non-surgical facelift, these new modalities could be good for you as well. As always, your unique needs and aesthetic goals are at the forefront of our personalized approach to cosmetic dermatology. I encourage you to schedule a cosmetic consultation with me or one of our many qualified providers at Advanced Dermatology so that we can explore your concerns together, the potential of these and other treatments, and tailor a plan that aligns with your vision for yourself!