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Holiday Prep, What You Need to Know ›

Prime holiday party season is upon us, and there’s so much to get done before then. There’s RSVPs to respond to, cocktail dresses to pick out, hostess gifts to buy… and appointments to book at the dermatologist for non-invasive treatments?

Besides BOTOX®, patients are also turning to cheek fillers, body contouring, … Read More ›

Treatment for the Aging Hand ›

We have many treatments for the aging hand like fillers to improve the bony/veiny look and lasers to diminish brown spots and wrinkles. There are now 2 FDA approved fillers for the hand: Restylane® Lyft (new for hands) and Radiesse®. Both achieve a very natural look. The treatment is straightforward and the results … Read More ›

Fillers for Lift in the Face ›

Fillers often lift various areas of the face as a secondary effect of volumizing. Think about a balloon that is full. It is tight and takes up a lot of space, yet when it starts to deflate, the rubber wrinkles and the shape falls. This is similar but more complicated for our faces; we … Read More ›

Most Common Questions: Fillers ›

How would injectable fillers help with my (insert your concern)?

Injectable fillers can add volume to areas where we have lost it, which can also soften lines. As we age, changes in fat pads, muscle, and bone cause our lower face to become fuller, like an inverted triangle. Fillers help increase volume to restore youthful … Read More ›

Dr. Taub’s Letter, Spring/Summer 2017 ›

Dear patients, colleagues and friends,

Our winter wasn’t too bad and now that spring is here we can hopefully enjoy the outdoors. One of my favorite pastimes is walking my dog Rocky; even when it is cold out the crisp air and scenery helps remind me that nature is all around us. Easy to forget when … Read More ›

Injectable Filler in the Chin ›

The chin is becoming a very new popular area for injectable fillers. Why would we do it? As we age, the female face can go from being oval or egg shaped to more squared off due to sagging as well as losing fat and collagen around the mouth. Men who have a “weak” chin that … Read More ›

Two New Fillers For Lips: Restylane Silk & Volbella, Fall/Winter Newsletter 2016 ›

Restylane® Silk and Volbella® are new fillers specifically designed for injection of the lips. First of all, let’s sweep away some myths about lip fillers:
•You will look like Meg Ryan at her worst – FALSE.
•You will look like a duck – FALSE.
•Your family will say to you “WHAT DID YOU DO?” – FALSE.
You will … Read More ›

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