How Your Metabolism Affects the Life Span of Your Injectable Filler & BOTOX®

Man Doing Pulling UpHyaluronic acid fillers are a popular choice when treating the aging face. The fillers are used to improve areas of volume loss and plump up lines and wrinkles. Treatments tend to have a lifespan of 9-24 months in our skin, depending upon the type used, the depth, and the injection location. Eventually, injectable fillers are broken down and are metabolized away. This process occurs very slowly over time. As we all know, some people have a relatively higher metabolism, while others’ metabolism is lower.

While there are no studies published comparing individual metabolic rates with filler durability, in the clinic, it is clear that there is some variability in the lifespan of fillers between different people. Typically, people who have higher muscle to fat ratios, like athletes or avid runners, might experience a somewhat shorter lifespan for their fillers. Whether this is due to differences in metabolic rate versus another reason is unclear, but differences in filler lifespan seemingly exist.

Whereas fillers are injectable implants, neurotoxins such as BOTOX® and Dysport® are drugs. These treatments are used to soften lines that arise due to the muscles under our skin. They work by blocking our nerves from communicating with the muscles to which they are attached. If the muscles do not get a signal from the brain, they will not contract. Unlike fillers, neurotoxins don’t metabolize away. They attach permanently to the nerve endings. However, our nerves make new connections over time, and our muscles start to move normally again. Usually, at around three months, people treated with neurotoxins will begin to see some movement return. But just like with fillers, some individuals experience either shorter or longer-lasting results from neurotoxins. No one knows why this occurs, but unlike fillers, there does not seem to be much of a correlation between metabolism or body type and neurotoxin lifespan.

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