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Does Dry Shampoo Cause Hair Loss?

We all know that getting up in the morning can be a challenge (hit the snooze button, groan and turn over, repeat…) then when we are fully awake it’s “OH NO! I don’t have enough time to wash my hair!”

Hair Loss Products

Hair loss is a very common complaint in the dermatology clinic. There are multiple medical reasons or conditions that may cause reversible or potentially permanent hair loss such. These include anemia, hormonal abnormalities, thyroid disease, autoimmune disease, taking certain medications,

We have 3 new procedures for hair loss!

All new hair loss procedures involve providing increased growth factors to the cells that make hair. Growth Factor Infusion with Hydrafacial is a gentle water based microdermabrasion to the scalp areas of hair loss performed by one of our estheticians.

Enhancing Hair Growth

Hair growth is a complex biological process. You need special proteins called growth factors that stimulate cells to make new hair follicles and another set to enable the new hair follicles to grow into thicker, fuller and darker hairs. You

How Men Deal With Hair Loss

It’s a significant riddle technology has yet to completely solve, but there’s definite progress. Male pattern baldness is that mysterious condition that has enormous social significance but almost no medical significance… and it’s been a great boon to the baseball

Hair Loss (Alopecia), Spring/Summer 2016 Newsletter

While there are many causes of alopecia the most common by far are hormonal (male/female or androgenetic alopecia). Male/female androgenetic alopecia is extremely common and appears to be due to an increased sensitivity of the hair follicle to testosterone (male

Hair Loss in Men and Women, Winter/Spring 2016 Newsletter

Regardless of the time of year, hair loss is always one of the most frequent complaints in the dermatology clinic. At some point in life, hair loss affects over half of all individuals for one reason or another. Sometimes, hair

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