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Analysis: Where Americans are most concerned about skin cancer ›

It may surprise you to hear skin cancer rates are higher in Delaware, Vermont, and Minnesota than in California, Florida, and Texas. But it’s true! It’s a phenomenon we dermatologists have understood for quite some time—people in states with intermittent sun exposure are less vigilant in preventing sunburn. Anyone who has lived in the Midwest … Read More ›

Time for a Body Check for Skin Cancers ›

With spring and summer finally around the corner, it’s time to ramp up your sun protection and examine body parts that have been hidden all winter!

While melanoma, a cancer of the pigment-making cells in our skin, is one of the most serious and aggressive skin cancers, it is fortunately much less common then non-melanoma … Read More ›

Actinic Keratoses Facts ›

Actinic keratoses (singular actininc keratosis), also called “AKs”, are skin growths that are precursors to skin cancer. Specifically, AKs can develop into squamous cell skin cancer. They do not develop into any other type of skin cancer. Usually the progression to actual skin cancer occurs when AKs have been neglected for a period of … Read More ›

Dr. Taub’s Letter, Spring/Summer 2016 Newsletter ›

Dear patients, colleagues and friends,

Thank goodness our winter was kind to us! Now hopefully our spring and summer will cooperate to enhance our quality of life! But I always say, if Chicago weather was a lot better then our beautiful city would be overcrowded!

We are very excited to have Dr. Anne Marie Mahoney join … Read More ›


Drink More Coffee to Prevent a Second Basal Cell Carcinoma: Dermatology News™ ›

Basal Cell Carcinoma is the most common type of skin cancer in the United States. Basal Cell Carcinoma is believed to be caused principally by the sun and occur more commonly in fair skinned individuals who sun burn easily. Basal Cell Carcinoma usually presents as a “pearly” bump in the skin or as a … Read More ›

Dr. Taub’s Letter, Fall/Winter 2015 Newsletter ›

Dear patients, colleagues and friends,

Hope your summer was a good one and you are getting acclimated to the coming school and work year!  There has been quite the whirlwind of innovative new products coming out of the cosmetic dermatology world: Kybella™, a fat-busting injectable to reduce the double chin, Bellafill®, a new filler for acne … Read More ›

Which States Have the Highest Rates of Skin Cancer and Melanoma? ›

We’ve all heard the benefits that a little sunshine can give you: exposure to sunlight can improve your sleep, boost your mood, promote weight loss, and strengthen your immune system. And in this day and age when Netflix binge-watching and mindless Internet browsing are practically national past times, going outside and getting some sun is … Read More ›

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