Most Common Questions: Fillers

How would injectable fillers help with my (insert your concern)?

Injectable fillers can add volume to areas where we have lost it, which can also soften lines. As we age, changes in fat pads, muscle, and bone cause our lower face to become fuller, like an inverted triangle. Fillers help increase volume to restore youthful features like high cheekbones, full cheeks, and a defined jawline.

Will I look overdone/unnatural?

The general goal with filler is to restore a youthful appearance, not to look overdone. Often, pictures of celebrities who have had an excessive amount of work done are displayed throughout the media, giving cosmetic procedures “a bad rap.” When done correctly, those closest to you will notice a difference, but will not be able to tell that you had something done. Here at Advanced Dermatology, we want you to look like a refreshed version of yourself, rather than a different person.

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How much do injectable fillers cost?

The cost of an injectable filler treatment depends on the type of filler and the amount needed to achieve desired results. The average cost of one syringe runs between $450-$975 a syringe but most patients need multiple syringes depending on area of concern. At Advanced Dermatology, we have many options for filler and often, we can compare pricing along with other benefits to determine which filler fits your budget and needs. We also try to maximize your savings with programs like Brilliant® Distinctions and Aspire® which allow you to earn points that help defray the cost of future treatments every time you get a treatment.

How long do they last?

The lifespan of a filler depends on the type, where it is injected, and how quickly the person metabolizes the product. In an area like the lips, the average patient will need to come back in 6-9 months since the filler was injected into an area where a lot of movement occurs. Most fillers last 6-12 months but some can last up to 2 years. For treatment of the cheeks, we often utilize a filler that we are able to inject deeper and is composed of larger molecules. Injectable filler can also be used for scar correction, for example at our office, Bellafill® is one of many options offered for the treatment of acne scarring. Bellafill® is a wonderful option as it lasts up to 7 years.

I’m new to cosmetic treatments and scared of doing anything invasive. What exactly are injectable fillers?

There are many different injectable fillers on the market today, but fillers are often made of hyaluronic acid, which is something our bodies naturally create. An added benefit of this material is that it’s easily corrected. If there is a problem or you decide you don’t want it anymore, we can inject hyaluronidase to dissolve it. This material also has years of evidence and practice behind it so we know what it does in the body and what to do if a problem did arise.

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