Dysport™: A New Treatment for Wrinkle Reduction

Dysport™ (abobotulinumtoxin A) is a simple, effective, non-surgical treatment that relaxes facial muscles, thereby smoothing away facial wrinkles, similar to the way BOTOX® Cosmetic works. Some wrinkles on the face occur from muscle movement and the passage of time. When you frown you flex your facial muscles creating lines between your eyebrows. Over time these lines become deeper and last longer. Dysport™ is performed by injecting a tiny needle of medication into the facial muscles that cause the wrinkles. Dysport™ works by relaxing these facial muscles. This improves the wrinkles that are already present and can prevent the wrinkles from worsening over time. Because the treatment takes less than five minutes to perform, most patients find this extremely tolerable. Typically the relaxed smoothing effect develops within 1-2 weeks after treatment and lasts 3-4 months. Dysport™ was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in late April 2009 and has been used for years in other countries with great success treating a variety of medical conditions including facial wrinkles. It is now available in our office to treat facial wrinkles. Set up your cosmetic consultation so that you can learn the benefits of Dysport™.