Facts to Battle Leg Vein Fictions, Winter/Spring 2016 Newsletter

Women and men who come to see me in consultation regarding their varicose and spider veins have been living with those nagging, annoying things for years…decades in many cases. Aside from aesthetic concerns, such veins are often painful and associated with other symptoms such as leg swelling, cramps, “restless legs” and legs that feel tired and heavy.

While there are certain barriers that kept most patients from wanting to deal with this issue, technology has finally “caught up” to vein disease and has answers for every concern. I’m here to shed some light and battle Fiction with Facts:

• Fiction: “Procedures are very invasive and risky.”

• FACT: State-of-the-art, minimally invasive procedures I provide are very safe and have very low risk. They are all performed in the office while we chat and listen to music!

• Fiction: “Procedures are very uncomfortable.”

• FACT: Procedures such as Endovenous Laser Ablation, Clarivein®, Sclerotherapy and VenaSeal® all require only local anesthetic and are very well tolerated. Post-procedure discomfort is minimal.

• Fiction: “There is a lot of down time and restrictions after procedures.”

• FACT: Such minimally invasive procedures allow patients to resume most routine activities IMMEDIATELY after treatments. Drive yourself to & from procedures. Rather than limited, activity is encouraged after procedures.

• Fiction: “Procedures are ineffective; veins just come back.”

• FACT: Procedures are very effective at permanent closure of veins. However, healing often takes time. Similar factors may lead to formation of new spider/varicose veins over time. Often times being proactive about treatments today may prevent or slow progression of future issues.

• Fiction: “Insurance/Medicare never covers vein treatments.”

• FACT: The biggest surprise to many patients is that commercial insurance and Medicare may cover many of the procedures I provide. Determination of coverage eligibility requires a consultation visit. Such visits are also typically covered by insurance/Medicare. Eligibility, when possible, often requires months to achieve due to individual insurance policy rules. The sooner you are evaluated, the sooner we can get your treatment process started.

Winter…or “pants season” is the perfect time to get treated so you can be ready to go for “shorts season” next spring and summer. I look forward to meeting you and helping your legs to feel and look better than they have in years!