Dr. Taub’s Fall 2013 Letter

Welcome back to the real world of getting ready for school, packing up your kids for college and preparing for the cold weather months to hit.  I hope that everyone had a great summer and had the opportunity to enjoy time with loved ones.  There is SO much that I want to tell you! By the time you get this, we will be seeing patients in the Glencoe office!  Just to remind you, we have 2 new providers, Dr. Lana Kashlan and Ann Cameron Schieber, PA-C, which will allow for increased accessibility for appointments.  In addition, we are unveiling something truly new, accessibility to your provider through a web based portal, replete with photos, and videos.  This is amazing new technology that I have wanted to add to the practice for years, a way of communicating with you utilizing all of the technology available. We are unveiling DermLink and AestheticLink, a way for you to safely interact with us through the internet. See the article on page 4 for additional details. In June, I attended the 9th Annual Vegas Cosmetic Surgery Conference which is an International Multispecialty Symposium made up of core aesthetic specialties; dermatology, plastic surgery, ophthalmic plastic surgery and facial plastic surgery. It was wonderful to connect in a crossdisciplinary way to share pearls with our surgical colleagues about non-invasive procedures and to learn more about their approach to surgical procedures, as well as to share techniques where we overlap such as in injectables. I was fortunate to be invited to give presentations on “My View: Radiofrequency” as well as “Advanced Concepts in Skincare”, “How to Build a Successful Retail Skin Care Practice” and participated in a roundtable discussion panel on advanced injectable filler treatments.  Las Vegas was brutally hot (118 degrees on the day we left!) but it is not humid heat which is a little more tolerable although we stayed inside most of the time.  We don’t know what is in the water at Advanced Dermatology and skinfo® but we have some happy news to share!  Grace Federighi, our Marketing Manager, Dr. Emily Rubenstein, and Cherie Paolucci, boutique manager at skinfo® are all pregnant and expecting in the fall or winter. Congratulations to them, our heartfelt best wishes and we can’t wait to meet our new littlest team members!


As you many have seen on Facebook, I got a new puppy who has been making people smile a lot due to his extreme cuteness. His name is Rocky. He is hypoallergenic and is modeling sun protective clothing for dogs above (ok I know a bit farfetched but dogs do get melanoma!). One last thing I wanted to bring to your attention is a new addition to our laser armamentarium, the RevLite®. This device is the most advanced Q-switched ND;YAG available. What does that mean for you? First of all, it is the number one laser used for tattoo removal. This laser is able to remove just about every color on a tattoo . Whether the tattoo is big or small, professional or homemade, this laser can get the job done.  In addition, we take the extra time to fully anesthetize the area. For some reason I cannot understand, most practices that remove tattoos do so with either only topical anesthetic or nothing. Tattoo removal is very painful with either of these methods. We have perfected a method for anesthesia for tattoo removal so that you will have minimal pain. In addition the RevLite® is fast and powerful so we hope to be able to remove your tattoo efficiently and in an affordable way.  Thanks to everyone for welcoming us into the Glencoe community.  We have a lot of new faces within the practice, please get to know them and say hello!

Best wishes for a great fall,
Amy Forman Taub, MD
And the Staff of Advanced Dermatology
and skinfo® Specialty Skincare Boutique