Two New Fillers For Lips: Restylane Silk & Volbella, Fall/Winter Newsletter 2016

Restylane® Silk and Volbella® are new fillers specifically designed for injection of the lips. First of all, let’s sweep away some myths about lip fillers:
•You will look like Meg Ryan at her worst – FALSE.
•You will look like a duck – FALSE.
•Your family will say to you “WHAT DID YOU DO?” – FALSE.
You will be in dire pain – FALSE.

Here are the truths about lip fillers:
•Restoration of lip volume makes a noticeable beneficial effect for the overall antiaging effect – TRUE.
•Restoration of lip volume and reversal of wrinkles around the lips gives an important boost to the overall look of the face – TRUE.
•Fillers may cause a lot of swelling in the first 3 days – TRUE.
•The procedure of getting fillers in the lips are uncomfortable but quite tolerable – TRUE.

There is a difference between enhancement and restoration.
Some women do want enhancement; that is, lips that are larger than their normal size. But most women want lip restoration: lips that are as full and shapely as when they were 10 to 20 years prior.
 So many women who could benefit from lip restoration shy away from it due to fear of looking abnormal.


Before & after BOTOX to the brow and forehead and around the eyes, Voluma to the cheeks and Restylane Silk to the lips. *Photos courtesy of Advanced Dermatology, LLC. Results may vary.


Now, why a special filler for the lips? The lips need filler that isn’t thick and bulky and allows there
 to be finesse while injecting. The fillers currently approved for lips are Juvéderm® Ultra and Restylane®. Both of these fillers give a great effect; in fact if there 
is a LOT of volume loss I would probably choose one
 of these. These also give great results for any lips. Restylane® Silk and Volbella® though are both very smooth and fine – similar to the difference between 
a small brush for accents and a large paintbrush. It is another option that is very nice for lips that would like
to be made more kissable! I love it for younger people (<30years old). Ok, you ladies over 30 can have it too!