Study: How Much Americans Spend on Their Looks

Survey Reveals Average American Spends $722 on Appearance Per Year

Everyone wants to look good, and some will go to great lengths and costs to do so. Our new study shows just how much Americans are spending on beauty and wellness and what their top concerns are. For some, skincare is a priority, while others want to slow down the aging process

While certain concerns can be addressed through cosmetic procedures, people are also taking matters into their own hands. In a survey of more than 1,000 Americans, it was revealed on average, adults spend $722 every year on their appearance. 

Americans Annual Beauty and Wellness Spending

While the average person spends more than $700 on their appearance per year, the spending is higher among women. The average American woman shells out $877 annually, while men pay $592 on average.

When it comes to investing in your image, people have spent the most money on hair products, followed by skincare, and shaving products in the last 12 months. Hair and skin remain a priority as seven out of the top ten expenditures revolve around these features. 

When looking individually at women, the top 3 beauty investments are skincare, hair products, as well as haircuts and color. The top investments for men slightly differ. Haircuts top the list, followed by supplements/protein powders, and gym memberships. 

Beauty Products American Women and Men Spend the Most On

Despite spending nearly $1,000 per year on looks, 60% of Americans wish they had more money to use on their appearance. In fact, 1 in 6 admit to spending more on beauty and wellness than they can afford.

When comparing how much men and women spend in certain categories, women spend more than men on haircuts, makeup, skincare, hair products, and nails. On average, women spend $60 more per year on haircuts than men. When looking at skincare expenses, women spend around $28 per month, while men pay around $17. Meanwhile, men spend, on average, $18 per month on gym memberships, compared to the $11 women shell out. Men are also paying more for supplements and protein every month. 

The Struggle of Self-Consciousness in America

While there are many reasons someone may want to put their best self forward, some Americans are spending so much on their appearance because of worries or insecurities. More than 2 in 3 (67%) worry about their appearance. Additionally, 3 in 4 women (75%) and 60% of men say they worry about how they look. When it comes to self confidence, 58% of the population say they struggle to feel good about themselves. Half of men and 65% of women admit having self confidence doubts.

The struggle of self-consciousness can be rooted in many things. Weight is a top concern (63%), followed by skin quality (38%), smile/teeth (37%), hair (34%), and muscle tone/mass (25%). While many people may try on their own to improve their appearance, 1 in 3 are considering cosmetic surgery. More women (44%) than men (22%) are considering that route. 

So far in their lifetime, people who have gotten cosmetic procedures have paid around $630 on average. Women have spent $1,120 on average, and men have spent much lower at $159. The most common procedures people have paid for include botox/fillers, laser hair removal, breast augmentation, and liposuction.

Beauty and Wellness Spending in 2023

Cost is a consideration whether you’re joining a gym (which 11% of Americans plan to do in 2023), buying new lotion, or consulting with a dermatologist. In fact, 3 in 5 Americans say inflation impacts their decision whether or not to spend money on their appearance. 

More than 1 in 4 (26%) plan on spending more money on their appearance in 2023 than they did in 2022. When it comes to the holidays, 17% plan on gifting beauty and wellness products, while more than 1 in 3 (34%) hope to receive those products. 

Everyone struggles at different times with their appearance. It’s important to know you’re not alone, and you are beautiful. Here at Advanced Dermatology, we aim to educate by providing accurate and complete information, helping you make the right choices for your optimal skin health and skincare.


In November 2022, we conducted a survey of 1,003 people from around the U.S. Among respondents, 48% identified as male, 49% as female, and 3% as non-binary or transgender with an average age of 39.

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