Leg Veins and Spring Time- 2013

Spring is coming and we’ll soon see the tulip bulbs we planted last fall blooming abundantly. The preparation, planning and care we take to ensure a more resplendent, beautiful garden is a great analogy for the proactive, patient approach one must have regarding the treatment of chronic vein disease of the lower extremities. To have legs that feel better and look more “shorts/skirts-worthy” by spring and summer, we need to spend the cold weather months planning an approach and gently attending to their care.
As a lifelong Chicagoan, I know full well that snow can continue through April. It often isn’t consistently warm until June. Now is therefore the perfect time to begin the process of diagnosing and treating your chronic lower extremity vein issues. Aside from the bothersome appearance of varicose and spider veins, what prompts most of my patients to finally seek the minimally-invasive treatments that I provide, is a constellation of progressively worsening symptoms. These nagging symptoms often include leg heaviness, fatigue, swelling, itching, “restless legs” and cramping. The underlying medical problem leading to such symptoms as well as varicose and spider veins can only be assessed by performing an ultrasound examination. Schedule your consultation with me today. During the hour-long visit, we will determine if an ultrasound is warranted and will help plan a treatment course tailored to address your specific issues in a timely fashion. Most treatments are covered by commercial insurance and Medicare.
All treatments are performed in our comfortable office. They are minimally-invasive, well-tolerated and require no downtime: you can resume your activities immediately after your treatments! Remember: whether it’s your tulips or two legs, plan ahead for a beautiful, more enjoyable spring and summer! See you soon!