Have Leg Veins? Want to Where Shorts or a Dress this Summer?

With spring just around the corner, now is the time to check your legs for any unsightly veins that you may want to have treated before it’s time to get into those shorts. At Advanced Dermatology we have recently incorporated sclerotherapy to our treatment options for both small spider veins and medium sized blue veins. Sclerotherapy is the use of a tiny needle to inject a solution into veins, resulting in inflammation in the vein wall and eventual reabsorption of the vein by the body. By using a combination of 1064 Nd:YAG laser treatments and sclerotherapy, we can harness the best of two worlds, allowing patients to maximize their results. Treatments are done by providers with years of experience treating leg veins, and our results have been phenomenal! Patients have reported improvement not only in the cosmetic appearance of their legs, but also in the discomfort and swelling that can sometimes accompany mild venous disease. Schedule a consultation to have your leg veins evaluated, and formulate a plan to get your legs ready for the summer.