Acne and Rosacea

For most people, warmer weather means more time spent outside, more sweating, and often more flares of their acne and rosacea. The occasional person has better control of their symptoms during warm seasons, but most people with acne or rosacea will need to make some changes to their regimen during the hot months of summer. Increased oil production can require stronger topical medications and cleansers. Toners, masks and more potent cleansers are often just what is needed to take care of the extra oil. People with rosacea can benefit from the year round use of a sunscreen that contains zinc and/or titanium, and that has an SPF of at least 30, but in the summer the role of a sunscreen becomes even more critical. Acne patients sometimes have increased sun sensitivity due to their medications and should be using sun protection too. Make the skinfo® Boutique your first stop for oil control during the summer but if breakouts are out of control, call your provider for advice.