Psoriasis in warmer weather, Spring 2014 Newsletter

Now that spring is approaching, most people are looking forward to shedding extra layers of clothing and getting back into warm-weather attire. However, for those who deal with difficult skin conditions such as psoriasis, the coming warmer weather may often lead to social distress and discomfort. As shirt sleeves and pant legs shorten, those with rough and scaly patches of skin may feel a bit over-exposed. Fortunately, there are several excellent options available to quickly improve psoriasis and other similar skin condition.

Psoriasis involves an over-production of surface skin cells along with inflammation. This leads to excessive skin redness, and dry, scaly appearance. Our providers at Advanced Dermatology can suggest many topical applications that will aid in the clearance of psoriatic skin. Some of these are available through your pharmacist, and others, such as skinfo® Soft and Smooth Heel and Elbow Buffer ($48), or Avène® Trixéra Emollient Cream ($31–$44) are available at skinfo® Specialty Skincare Boutique and Such topical applications will soften and smooth psoriatic skin and reduce its dry, scaly appearance.

In addition to topical applications, our providers can prescribe any of several oral or injectable medications that are highly effective in clearing more moderate to severe psoriasis. These treatments are indicated for those who deal with psoriasis involving larger body-surface area, or psoriasis that does not respond adequately to simple topical management. For more advanced psoriasis, systemic medications can offer life-altering improvements in disease state, and general wellness and satisfaction.

Finally, Advanced Dermatology offers XTRAC® Laser Therapy to assist in the clearance of localized psoriasis. Our XTRAC® laser allows targeted and rapid treatment of psoriatic lesions on any body area, without any negative systemic effects. Treatment is quick and painless, and requires no down-time or recovery process. The XTRAC® laser is also very effective in the treatment of vitiligo. Should you wish to learn more about the XTRAC® laser, or any other treatment for psoriasis, please contact Advanced Dermatology for an appointment with a medical provider.