Put a Spring in Your Step

The nice thing about the procedures I do to help patients’ legs feel and look better is that there are very few restricted activities after they are performed. The main restriction that I’m quite the stickler about is TRAVEL. I prefer not to perform such elective procedures within a month of a patient’s upcoming trip, especially flights…ESPECIALLY long flights/car rides. Such travel may independently increase the risk of blood clots.

The Fall/Winter/Spring are my busiest seasons. It’s cooler outside, shorts season is over, and pants season allows for a better experience wearing compression stockings…from both comfort as well as fashion standpoints. Compression stockings are worn after treatments to improve comfort, safety, and results.

However, during the Winter, in particular, patients… ”snowbirds” and otherwise, ordinarily start to travel more. I say “ordinarily” because, during this COVID period, many people are opting not to travel.

That having been said, maybe this is the perfect time for you to finally address your chronic varicose/ spider veins as well as legs that have discomfort (heaviness, fatigue, cramps, restless legs, swelling). It all starts with a consultation visit. During your visit, I spend approximately 1 hour getting to know
about your medical history, teaching you about how veins function/malfunction, and then help sort out
your particular issues and how to address them. It’s important to me to make sure my patients are well informed because the only way for you to make a good medical decision is if it is an informed one.

In particular, there are very interesting treatment options to discuss. The state-of-the-art treatment of varicose and spider veins are all NON-SURGICAL. I do them in the office. There is zero down-time. They are minimally-invasive, maximally-comfortable, safe, and effective. Many treatments may be covered by commercial insurance and Medicare. I can determine if that is so during your consultation visit.

For potentially coverable treatments, the authorization/approval process can often take months. That is another great reason why making your consultation appointment with me sooner rather than later is a great idea!

I look forward to meeting you and helping your legs feel and look better than they have in years!