Rhinophyma is a condition that causes the soft tissues of the nose to increase in size. This is called Type 4 rosacea and does usually occur in people who already have rosacea. Rhinophyma occurs in a low percentage of adults with this type of rosacea.

Although Rhinophyma is a less common condition, it can get out of control and become quite unsightly or in some cases, disfiguring. Luckily, we can help absolve this. Rhinophyma can be treated with carbon dioxide (CO2) laser resurfacing, also known as Co2RE, to reshape the nose. This treatment isn’t for the faint of heart (recovery can take a couple of months), but the results are truly remarkable! 

Less severe forms of Rhinophyma can be treated with oral medications to help prevent progression. If you feel your nose is getting larger, please schedule an appointment with your Advanced Dermatology medical provider.