Summer is Here!

Now that we can FINALLY start getting out and about again, I’m starting to see more interest from patients in finally dealing with their varicose and spider veins. It all starts with a consultation visit: during your visit, we will discuss your questions and concerns, do a thorough medical history /focused exam to determine the extent of your venous issues, and I will spend time educating you about all available treatment options.

Patients are often pleasantly surprised to learn that many treatments may be covered by insurance,
including Medicare. They are also often surprised to learn that obtaining authorization for coverage may take up to 3 months to achieve. That’s why the summertime is the perfect time to see me for a consultation. That way, once we are back into “pants season” in late September/early October, all of your ducks are in-a-row and we can get started.

The other key aspect to remember regarding insurance relates to your deductible. I always recommend that my patients make themselves aware of the amount of deductible that remains to be met on their policy. I’m a firm believer in transparency and I HATE surprises…well most surprises…the last one I had was a group of Mariachis in my backyard serenading me out of bed in the morning on my 50th birthday. Other than that, not a huge fan of surprises, especially financial ones. Having a guestimate of costs for procedures allows patients to better budget their resources. Also note that most deductible years end on December 31st. The sooner we start on your treatment course, the more likely we are to complete treatments before the end of your deductible year.

I look forward to seeing you this Summer and helping you towards having legs that may feel and look better than they have in years!