Best Time to Treat Leg Veins

Winter is the time to get started treating your leg veins in time for spring or summer. Most people don’t realize that it takes about 3 treatments to get full clearance and treatments are received at two month intervals as the vessels take time to be absorbed by the body once they are treated. We provide two methods of treatment: laser and injection sclerotherapy. We often perform both on a given individual. Both of these methods have been used for many years and are safe and highly effective, although each does have some risks that can be discussed in your consultation visit. Laser hurts a bit more but doesn’t require any needles or injections and has a faster healing time. Sclerotherapy is less painful and a little less expensive but has more of a tendency to have some brown discolorations where the veins were reabsorbed that go away with time. You can also enhance the healing by using Cellex-C Spider Vein Complex, a botanical serum that helps strengthen the vessel walls to reduce dilation of vessels. The causes of excessive leg veins are heredity, obesity, female hormones, pregnancy and standing still for too long in one place. Exercise, uncrossing your legs, and support hose all help to reduce their severity. Insurance does not typically cover treatments of reticular veins and spider veins, but if an individual experiences significant discomfort or pain in the legs in addition to having varicose veins (bulging larger blue vessels) and abnormal internal leg vein valves present, then the condition may be considered medically necessary. We can refer you to another physician for evaluation of these if we suspect this and for more extensive treatment if needed. Stop hiding your legs because of unwanted veins and get ready to show your legs off this spring!