Treating Mild to Severe Acne

One of the things that Advanced Dermatology truly excels at is acne therapy. We have just about every conceivable treatment and angle you can take with acne, all the way from early teen acne to severe scarring or adult acne. In addition to the full range of topical therapies available in Skinfo® which include exfoliants, benzoyl peroxides and retinols, we lack nothing! These topical products are inexpensive too and don’t require a prescription. We even have many non-oily moisturizers to keep you from getting too dry from your topicals. If your acne is too severe to be controlled by topical therapy we have oral antibiotics, oral hormonal therapies (if you are female) and/or isotretinoin (accutane). We are highly skilled isotretinoin providers and know how to screen you to make sure it is safe for you and how to shepherd you through the process so that you are comfortable. If oral medications are not your thing we have some alternative therapies, Isolaz Deep Pore Lazr Therapy and photodynamic therapy, both often effective and neither involving any pills; unfortunately these are not covered by insurance. We also have chemical peels, cortisone injections and even occasionally short or low dosages of cortisone that can get you ready for an important wedding, bar or bat mitzvah or other major event. Finally we even do clinical research trials at SKINQRI so that you might be able to experience a treatment before it is available to the public. Two major companies that make topical acne medications turned to us to help them perform their FDA approval trials.