Update on Psoriasis Biologics

Psoriasis is a chronic skin disease in which scaly, inflamed patches appear on the skin that may itch or even be painful. Treating psoriasis is often frustrating because conventional therapies are messy and time-consuming without delivering good results. Fortunately, new therapies have been approved over the past few years that are more effective and easier than ever. These medicines, called biologics, are derived from proteins and work by blocking interactions between immune cells. Biologics are both safe and effective in clearing up psoriasis and maintaining clear skin for years, although as with all medications, there are potential side effects which your providers will discuss with you, should you consider these as a treatment option. Since biologics are administered through injection or IV infusion, most patients find them easier to use than conventional therapies, which often require large surface applications of creams or ointments. Combination therapies of biologics and systemic medicines, light treatments, or topical creams have shown increased efficacy. There is more good news on the horizon. Researchers are making strides toward identifying the exact causes of psoriasis and new drugs are currently being studied to treat this challenging skin disease.