Get to Know Us at Advanced Dermatology: Q & A Winter 2014 Newsletter

KatyaHohner Katya Hohner
Marketing Assistant

 What makes your job fun? I love my job because marketing is always changing and has many aspects to it, I am never doing the same thing. I love being able to use my creativity towards the success of both Advanced Dermatology & skinfo®. Also, my fellow employees make all the difference, we are a tight knit group and enjoy each others company immensely.

What is your go to product at skinfo®? There are a few products we carry at skinfo® that I could not live without. The first is my Clarisonic Mia, this makes all the difference in the world regarding my skin. I rarely have breakouts anymore and I feel refreshed every time I use it. Secondly, I love skinfo® Vital Tea Protect SPF 50+. This sunscreen is so luxurious and never leaves my skin oily. I have very fair skin so I love the protection it provides. Lastly, gloMinerals Pressed Base – Golden Light is the best. It gives me great coverage without looking caked on. I am always complemented on my skin and makeup while wearing this product.

What treatment at Advanced Dermatology will keep you looking and feeling better about yourself for years to come? Any neurotoxin is a must (BOTOX®, Dysport™ or Xeomin®). It keeps me looking younger by relaxing the muscles and preventing further aging. Also, Pellevé is a great treatment before any event when I need to give my skin a boost.

How will you spend your time during Spring Break? I will be working, but a weekend in the city with my sister is a must. We always have a blast together. I will also be glued to the television for my favorite March event, MARCH MADNESS!


MichelleMivelliMichelle Mivelli
Director of Practice Management

 What makes your job fun? I spend more time at work than at home, so being surrounded by amazing co-workers is important to me. I am lucky to work amongst some of the most caring and intelligent individuals and they make each and every day fun! It is also a lot of fun for me to watch Dr. Taub innovate a new treatment protocol. Her methods are so inspiring and are truly extraordinary to witness.

What is your go to product at skinfo®? Latisse® is a must in my daily routine. Prior to using Latisse®, my eyelashes were sparse, short and blonde in color. Now my lashes are so long that they touch my sunglasses! Another added bonus is that they are darker and thicker. I had always been on the hunt for the perfect mascara, but now with my Latisse® lashes every mascara seems to work 10 times better!

What treatment at Advanced Dermatology will keep you looking and feeling better about yourself for years to come? This is a toss-up between BOTOX® and CoolSculpting® by ZELTIQ®! BOTOX® keeps me wrinkle-free. I had my first neurotoxin treatment 10 years ago! Although some people may look at me like I have lost my mind, I like to think of it as I have frozen time. As for CoolSculpting® by ZELTIQ®, who wouldn’t want a no downtime treatment that gets rid of stubborn fat pouches? One other fun treatment is the mini lip, using Restylane® for perfectly shaped lips!

How will you spend your time during Spring Break? During Spring Break we are fully absorbed in planning our Skin for Life event, which takes place every year in May. All proceeds are donated to the Skin Cancer Foundation, so all of the hard work is well worth it. I hope to see you at our Fourth Annual Skin for Life event this year on May 22nd.