What Can You Do With BOTOX® and Fillers?

BOTOX® and dermal filler injections are traditionally thought to be used to smooth away facial wrinkles and restore volume to the aging face. However, there are some creative ways to use BOTOX® and fillers to achieve complete rejuvenation.

If you have ever wanted a better pout of your lips but aren’t convinced that fillers are your best option, BOTOX® can be used to magnify your pout. The BOTOX® lip flip occurs when BOTOX® is injected around the lips. Not only do the fine lines around your mouth smooth out but the lips also roll gently outward giving the appearance of a fuller pout. BOTOX® can also help with TMJ, grinding of the teeth, and jaw pain. The BOTOX® is injected into the lower cheek on each side of the face. This relaxes the muscles reducing the ability to clench the teeth and slims the lower cheek and jawline, which creates a better profile. Loose skin of the jawline and neck can be improved by injecting small amounts of BOTOX® directly along the jawline and down the small muscular bands of the neck. A “gummy smile” occurs in people whose upper lip thins
out when they smile, resulting in more of the gums showing. Small amounts of BOTOX® can be precisely placed in the upper lip to relax the muscles. Therefore, when you smile, the gums will be covered and more of the lips will show. Marionette lines are the folds that develop from the corner of your mouth to your chin. If BOTOX® is injected into the depressor anguli oris (DAO), it relaxes the muscles that pull the corner of the mouth down turning the frown upside down. Lastly, BOTOX® injections are used off the face in the treatment of hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). BOTOX® is injected into the skin where the patient has excessive sweating and within two weeks of treatment the sweating almost completely stops (results typically last 6-9 months).

Dermal facial fillers are traditionally known to be injected into the face to create volume like plumping of the lips. A more unusual application is using them to treat the temples. Hollowing temples are a sign of aging. The volume can be replaced with fillers which creates a more youthful appearance. Fillers are also used in non-surgical chin augmentation. Injection of the filler into the chin creates a well-defined chin and can even change the shape of a face. Aging earlobes present with drooping and overall volume loss. Earlobe rejuvenation can be achieved by injecting dermal fillers into the earlobes to restore volume and help support
earrings. Some indented or atrophic acne scars can be easily remedied by filling them with dermal fillers. You can usually tell a person’s age by the looks of their hands. As we age veins, boney structures, and tendons in the hand become more visible. Fillers can be injected into the dorsal hands to restore volume and hide these unsightly structures. Lastly, filler can be used for butt enhancement and filling cellulite dimples, creating a smoother appearance of the skin. For more information on any of these treatments please call or text (847) 459-6400 to schedule a cosmetic consultation.