The New XTRAC® Ultra Laser for Psoriasis is here!

If you have mild-moderate psoriasis that doesn’t seem to clear with topical medications or if you are currently on systemic therapy and have stubborn plaques that never seem to resolve, we have a laser treatment that can help you achieve clearer skin!  The XTRAC® laser is the first FDA market-cleared excimer laser system, introduced in 2000, to treat plaque psoriasis and is covered under most insurance plans. The laser utilizes narrow-band UVB therapy to the affected areas so we can target psoriasis plaques without harming normal skin. The treatments are quick and painless. Patients clear in as few as 6-15 treatments and some experience remission of their psoriasis for as long as 6 months! Can you imagine clear skin without all the messy topical medications? Call our office at 847-459-6400 to schedule a visit with our Physician Assistants to see if the XTRAC® laser is the appropriate treatment for you to get control over your psoriasis today!