Profound (formally known as ePrime™: The Evolastin™ Procedure) is a radiofrequency treatment using the Profound device to tighten the skin.

Profound also creates more volume and elastic tissue especially in the area around the jowls and the wrinkles around the mouth.  Profound stimulates the reproduction of hyaluronic acid, new collagen and elastin. Studies have shown that the Profound procedure produces one-third the effect of a surgical face-lift.

Good candidates for the Profound procedure are people who have sagging skin, especially in the cheeks or jowls, wrinkles along the cheeks and loss of volume around the mouth and cheeks, as well as upper lip wrinkles. Profound is good for all skin types as the radio frequency energy is color-blind, allowing this to be a safe treatment for persons with Asian, Hispanic, African-American or Indian skin.

“I had the Profound treatment about two weeks ago and just wanted to thank Dr. Taub for her superb work. This is the second time I’ve had Profound done, two years ago was the first. I travel from Michigan as Dr. Taub was very personable and feel very confident in her professional abilities. I see a significant improvement this time already. The patches “Cearna” were used and it cut the healing down significantly. (great improvement).  My face looks amazing already. Your staff was friendly and very efficient. So appreciative.” Christine

If you are pregnant you should not have this procedure. In addition, anyone with a history of poor skin healing or with a pacemaker or defribrillator should not have this procedure.

Profound is usually one single treatment. When you arrive at the office, you will receive local anesthetic to the areas being treated.   Because we take care to completely anesthetize the skin of the face, you should not experience any pain during the treatment or even after the treatment.

Profound’s technology is a machine manufactured by Syneron utilizing a hand piece with a disposable cartridge made up of an array of radiofrequency energy needles.   The hand piece is then placed by the doctor on the areas that have been pre-determined to provide maximal effect. Then needles penetrate into the skin and release heat for a specific amount of time at a precise temperature and depth.  This high energy then stimulates the body to make new collagen and elastic tissue.

Advanced Dermatology is one of very few providers in the midwest to offer this truly groundbreaking new procedure.

The desired result is a more lifted appearance, firmer and smoother skin, wrinkle reduction, an improvement of the jowls  and improvement of the sagging skin on the upper neck. There is also filling of the very thin skin that makes the face appear more youthful  As the body replaces old collagen and elastic tissue with new collagen and elastic tissue, you will see an improvement over several months. Maximum treatment effects are seen over a 6-9 month period, results are usually visible in as little as 2 weeks.

After a Profound treatment, you can expect 3-7 days of swelling and redness as well as bruising.  In addition there is an appearance of tiny dotted marks on the treated area and up to a week of some minor shedding of the skin.

Alternatives to the Profound would be a combination of tissue tightening, neck liposuction and fillers.  Of course having a face-lift would be a competitive treatment, although face-lifts do not increase volume in the face.  Although many have compared this with Ultherapy treatments, the Profound increases the volume of the skin as well as tightening it whereas the Ulthera can only tighten the skin.

Profound is unique as a procedure because it can lift, volumize and tighten with one procedure.

If you are looking to have a rejuvenated and younger appearance, an Profound treatment can be combined with fillers, BOTOX®, laser and photo rejuvenation but not on the same day.

The fees for Profound are based on the areas being treated, but usually around $3500.

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