PanG - the Non Surgical Face Lift

The Pan GTM  Lift is a comprehensive treatment program that stimulates muscles, provides microdermabrasion and ultrasound facial treatments resulting in an extremely natural looking lift and volumization of skin and soft tissues.  Consisting of twenty 1-hour sessions over 10 consecutive weeks, the Pan-G Lift is designed to give many of the benefits of a surgical face-lift without surgery. There are three types of skin treatments within the Pan G Lift program: the Silk Peel that exfoliates, plumps and hydrates the skin, which allows for greater absorption of nutrients, the SonoFacial that provides ultrasonic delivery of nutrients into the skin, and the MyoFacial, which exercises your face and neck by stimulating selected elevating face and neck muscles with a mild microcurrent that produces increased muscle tone, volume and lift. This program does require monthly booster treatments to maintain results.


The Pan G Lift is the only aesethtic treatment that addresses the muscles of the face.  The muscles lose much of their mass as we age.  This leads to a hollowing out and sagging of the face.  The myofacial portion of the PanG Lift leads to restoration of the muscle tone of the face which in turn causes the face to fill out, lift and give an overall extremely natural looking aesthetic result.

How do I know if I need PanG Lift Treatment? 

A good candidate for the Pan G Lift is someone who wants to have the most natural anti-aging treatment possible. Anyone who has developed drooping of the soft tissue of the face:  development of jowls, loss of cheekbone definition, hollow cheeks, sagging neck, and/or puffy or drooping eyelids and does not want to undergo a surgical procedure is a good candidate.  This treatment is good for men and women to improve their appearance and prevent aging changes from occurring.

 Others who would benefit from the Pan G Lift include those who are about to have a face-lift (which will make the post-operative recovery smoother due to the healthier state of the facial tissues), or those who have had a face-lift (to maintain the improvement and financial investment longer).  People with Bell’s Palsy have achieved better facial tone and less asymmetry as a result of this procedure.

Those who are NOT good candidates include those with pacemakers or who have facial metal or titanium implants, pregnant women, and those with unrealistic expectations or those who cannot commit to the treatment program.

How does the PanG treatment work?

The Silk Peel ™ provides simultaneous exfoliation, evacuation, and the delivery of condition specific topicals. We offer the following for pro-infusion: Vitamin C for detoxifying,  hydration for those with dry skin, clarifying for those with acne, and lumixyl  for hyperpigmentation.
The SonoFacial is an ultrasound massage that drives serums (based on skin care goal ) deeply into the skin, thus stimulating the skin’s inner cells to repair and produce more youthful healthier surface skin.
We target the MyoFacial to the lifting muscles of the face, by using gentle electric current to contract the facial muscle repeatedly. Like isolating any muscle and repeatedly exercising it, the muscle responds by getting larger and more powerful over time.  Since it is not possible to isolate and exercise these small facial muscles on your own, the MyoFacial, performed by a trained esthetician, creates this contraction while you lay down in comfort.  Gradually increased amplitude and resistance is introduced, until the muscles have developed enough to actually lift up the soft tissue and skin that overlies them, causing the aesthetic improvement.
The combination of these treatments in the above mentioned program produces the Pan G Lift results.

What benefits can I expect?

The results from the Pan G™ Lift have been consistently excellent.  Most patients comment that their skin looks and feels better, that their facial aging process has stopped, and they are happy with the natural results.

Advanced Dermatology has published a paper detailing their first 18 months of the program.  The Pan G™ Lift clients evaluated their own improvement, rating on average their brow lift 76%, cheek lift 74%, jowl lift 74%, skin texture 83%, and hydration 90%.  Clients who have continued with the Pan G™ Lift maintenance program for 2-3 years note progressive improvement over time.  There were no complications nor downtime associated with the procedures. We now have clients who have kept up with their PanG programs for the better part of 5-10 years and all have facial structures that make it hard for people to guess their age.  It is highly reasonable to propose that the muscles stimulation may retard bone loss, which is another cause of loss of volume in the face and aging changes. Another study of 100 patients from Dr. Mulholland’s practice revealed that those involved thought they looked on average 6 years younger.

Is there another way to get the same effect?

The number one negative of this procedure is the amount of time needed to undergo the procedure and the subsequent maintenance program.  For any one who is willing to take the time, we believe there is no better program for maintaining facial wellness and anti-aging.  We have never had any lasting significant side effects from the PanG treatment.  Occasional redness or muscle soreness occurs.  

The sensation is hard to describe and takes a little time to get used to. People who have had extensive dental work (metal fillings or bridges) tend to be more uncomfortable during this procedure.  Occasionally the intensity of the contraction feels really uncomfortable but the intensity can be adjusted by the operator.  Once you get used to it, it feels like a very deep tissue massage of your face, like a work-out, and you associate positive results with it. Our estheticians, Mari and Alla, have very gentle hands and are extremely skilled at this procedure.  Their deftness and kindness makes the time go by quickly.

Are there any alternatives? 

The main alternatives to the MyoFacial procedure would include the tissue tightening procedures (Pelleve, Thermage®, ReFirme™/Sublime) to firm the skin tissue or surgical procedures, such as a face-lift, neck-lift, brow-lift, and blephroplasty to lift the tissue.  Other procedures that could increase facial volume include injectable fillers or Profound.  None of these procedures, however, actually address the muscular atrophy that accompanies the aging process.

How is this different from other procedures?

The Pan G™ Lift program is a completely different concept because it includes treatments to improve all layers of the skin and is the procedure at these energy levels that firms and stimulates the muscular layers.  The tissue tightening procedures are focused on stimulating new collagen, whereas the surgical procedures work by physically lifting up the structure involved and in some instances removing the excess skin left over.

Can this be combined with other treatments?

This treatment program can be combined with any other treatment.  Recognizing the fact that combinations of procedures usually yield the best overall makeover, Advanced Dermatology offers combined programs with BOTOX® Cosmetic, Restylane™, and Photorejuvenation. In addition, every person who is an active PanG treatment client gets a discount on every other cosmetic treatment we offer.

How much does it cost?

The cost of the initial 20 treatments is $2500/$2900 senior level (this includes 20 myofacials, 6 Sonofacials and 4 Silk Peels).  After that the cost of monthly maintenance can range from $200-300.  Active PanG clients get a 10% discount off of every other cosmetic treatment Advanced Dermatology offers, including a 10% discount on all skinfo store items (excluding other sales or promotions).

 To learn more about the Pan G Lift, please call 847-459-6400 or contact us to make an appointment with one of our cosmetic coordinators.