A Better Bikini Line

Woman in bathing suit on beack with surf boardSummer is right around the corner; so what’s on everybody’s mind right now? How about a super smooth bikini line that leaves you feeling confident no matter what you wear! A frequent complaint I hear from patients is that their bikini line has itchy bumps and redness, especially after shaving. These pesky bumps may be problematic, but here are some tricks and tips to keep things calm, cool, and collected just in time for warmer weather.

It is common for people to develop irritation of the hair follicles on the bikini line and legs, or even a rash called folliculitis. Folliculitis is an infection within the hair follicles. Shaving and waxing can exacerbate this condition, so one potential method of treatment is laser hair removal. At Advanced Dermatology, we can permanently reduce body hair on areas including the bikini and legs by directly targeting the hair follicles. We can safely and effectively treat patients of all skin tones with little to no discomfort. After the treatment, we often apply skinfo® Soothing Cream, which contains 1% hydrocortisone and aloe to calm the skin and minimize post-treatment irritation. skinfo® Soothing Cream can also be used after shaving the bikini line to prevent hard-to-treat bikini bumps. When shaving, keep in mind the importance of practicing safe techniques, such as shaving in the direction of the hair and using gentle shaving cream and a clean razor to minimize irritation. If you are more prone to this type of irritation, consider trying CLN® Dermatologics Body Wash from skinfo®. This daily body cleanser is fragrance-free and recommended for patients with sensitive skin. It may help reduce redness, bacteria, and decrease the risk of folliculitis.

If you are struggling with stubborn, itchy bumps and want more personalized advice, schedule an appointment by calling/texting 847.459.6400 and we can get you a better bikini line before you know it.