Dr. Taub’s Letter, Fall/Winter Newsletter 2016

Anne Marie Mahoney, MD, our new associate, has arrived! She has just completed a 1-year fellowship in cosmetic dermatology with Drs. Robert and Margaret Weiss, dear friends of mine as well as some of the most respected dermatologists in the world. He is a past president of the American Society of Laser Medicine and Dermatology as well as the American Society of Dermatologic Surgeons and current board member of the American Academy of Dermatology as well 
as being a really great person. Dr. Mahoney completed her dermatology residency at the University of Illinois and loves Chicago since she has many friends here. She is also very adept at medical dermatology, but wanted to round out her education. Many
 of you may not know this but most dermatology residencies don’t really do much cosmetic training. In fact, I teach residents once per month at Northwestern University Department of Dermatology how to inject fillers and neuromodulators (e.g. BOTOX®) and how to use lasers in a one-on-one session. I was incredibly surprised and honored last month when the departing senior residents elected me contributed services faculty teacher of the year! Dr. Mahoney 
is coming fully trained! I am very excited to have a colleague that I can confer with regarding best protocols and difficult cases – especially because she has just graduated from a very highly sought after fellowship!

In early September I will be attending the 5 Continent Congress in Barcelona, Spain, and giving 
3 talks, including a keynote on enhancement of body shaping. I enjoy these conferences, not only for the opportunity to travel internationally but mainly to collect new tips and ideas from colleagues all over the world. They often think differently than the doctors in the US (we have many more regulations and many fewer approved products) and to hear what is going on in their respective countries. Now that I have been traveling internationally once or twice a year I have had the distinct pleasure to make friends with other dermatologists and also plastic surgeons from the US and elsewhere. It is reassuring to find out they have most of the same challenges we do! I will also be going to the 5th Annual DASIL where I will be a moderator as well as present for a number of talks. This year we are going to Dubai. Look for some news and photos from these adventures in the winter newsletter.

We are one of the first practices in Illinois to have CoolAdvantage, which is the upgrade for CoolSculpting® devices. What is the advantage? There is a shorter treatment time (only 35 minutes, down from 60) for each cycle and there is less discomfort, both during and after as well as fewer incidences of bruising. Best of 
all, the total fat that is affected is larger than the old handpieces! So overall, there is more for your money
 with less discomfort in a shorter time. We also have introduced new packages to make it more affordable for you to reshape your abdomen/flanks, reduce your thigh circumference and get rid of your bra fat, under the chin fat, gynecomastia (the enlargement of the male chest) and above the knee fat! This is the real deal….There are more than 1 MILLION people that have had this procedure done worldwide, and it also has been shown to be PERMANENT and there is no evidence that if you gain weight it will show up in some other strange place. HOWEVER, this is
 no substitute for exercise or weight control. We are all subject to our genetic anatomy, so this is to trim and shape, hence the name CoolSculpting® not Coolweightloss!

We also have many devices to combine with this or to do independently that reduce sagging skin. However, getting CoolSculpting® done does not make the skin hang more – the skin retracts over the area that the fat had occupied.

We also have DualSculpting, meaning that you can do 2 cycles in the same visit. This reduces the time needed. For instance, you could do 6 cycles in the space of about
 1 hour and 20 minutes. This used to take 6 hours!!!!

Most practices employ a manual fat massage after the treatments which has been shown to improve results as well as reduce side effects. However, even more effective is something called ZWave, which few practices have employed. It is a radial pulse system, meaning it is a mechanical way to massage the skin that is much more complete and uniform. Thus, the benefits of massage after treatment are much more pronounced than with manual massage.

The summer has been great for the Cubs until the past couple of weeks (I am writing this in late June). By the time this hits your inbox or mailbox, we will know how the Cubs are faring late in the season. We want the whole prize this year: World Series or Bust! High expectations can be preparation for a big let down, but this year we should be optimistic. Have a wonderful fall,
 and please come in and meet Dr. Mahoney!