BOTOX is NOT Old News

Although this is an “old topic”, it is worth saying again that injectables are the mainstay of aesthetic practice. The whole idea that you can change how you look “temporarily” and easily, without surgery, was started by Botox® and extended by fillers such as Restylane. They were the originals and are still our mainstays. Many of you have heard that I was an artist and I do think of the injectables and lasers as my palette and my toolbox. But the artistry is at its most with the injectables. It is truly a pleasure to modulate a facial shape and features into one that looks more youthful and which makes that person feel better about themselves. Giving women and even men back their cheekbones often reduces the folds around the mouth and lifts the face visually so that alone makes a big difference in how a person looks. Turning a frown into a smile, a scowl into an open face, deep grooves by the sides of the mouth into a sloping curve, a flattened cheek into a full and youthful one – are the aesthetic pleasures of being a dermatology artist. For those of you who have sat on the sidelines due to fear of toxins and needles, you are missing out! You don’t have to look “done”, fake, or like a Hollywood starlet or leading man gone wrong. Good aesthetic work goes unnoticed because it is natural. I have spent a very long time trying to create natural appearing facial features with injectables and I believe we have succeeded in pairing the right brands for the right occasions and getting optimal and natural looking results. If needed, we even have a laser that will cut your bruising by 50%, which is a big advance and benefit.