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Body Shaping (Our Services For What and For Whom), Winter/Spring 2016 Newsletter ›

Before & After Two CoolSculpting Treatments
*Photos courtesy of Advanced Dermatology, LLC. Results may vary.

Are you wondering how to lose stubborn fat that just will not go away despite hard work with diet and exercise? As effective as these methods are, they burn body fat in a pattern that is dependent on age, sex … Read More ›

Summer Sculpting, Summer 2014 Newsletter ›

As warmer temperatures are finally here, it’s time to shed those winter layers. This is the perfect time to think about getting your body ready for the pool! At Advanced Dermatology, we offer many procedures and treatments to help you achieve the body you’ve been wanting.

For fat reduction, we are excited … Read More ›

Thermage® & CoolSculpting by Zeltiq ›

With summer upon us and winter clothes being shed body contouring becomes a topic of increased interest. Many patients are concerned with small pockets of fat on the body, loose and sagging skin, or cellulite. At Advanced Dermatology, we are able to use non-invasive technology to help … Read More ›

ZELTIQ – Cool Sculpting Fat Reduction Device ›

The CoolSculpting by ZELTIQ procedure can reduce the fat layer by 20 to 40%. This can be used on the abdomen (“muffin top”), back fat or love handles). More than one treatment and 3-6 months may be necessary for optimal results. The provider will mark the areas to be treated and the cooling panels will … Read More ›

New Treatments ›

Xeomin® is a form of botulinum toxin that is a different brand but similar to Botox® and Dysport™, and is also used for relaxation of wrinkles causing muscles. These three brands have the same active ingredient but they differ from one another by proteins that coat the core molecule. Whereas Botox® and Dysport™ have two … Read More ›

Cellulite Reduction: Get Ready for Spring Break ›

Get yourself ready for spring break now by contouring, shaping and reducing cellulite. We have two different treatment options available for body shaping and cellulite reduction, Velashape™ and Thermage®. Velashape™ features the revolutionary combination of Bi-polar radiofrequency, Infrared … Read More ›

Body Contouring and Cellulite ›

Many of our clients are concerned about concealing their shape and cellulite during the Summer months. Lipotherme, VelaShape and Thermage are effective therapies, available at Advanced Dermatology, that can improve body contour and skin laxity and/or smooth away unwanted cellulite, with minimal to no downtime. … Read More ›

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