Summer Sculpting, Summer 2014 Newsletter

Vanquish_BAAs warmer temperatures are finally here, it’s time to shed those winter layers. This is the perfect time to think about getting your body ready for the pool! At Advanced Dermatology, we offer many procedures and treatments to help you achieve the body you’ve been wanting.

For fat reduction, we are excited to introduce the latest in body sculpting technology, Vanquish. Vanquish is a multipolar radiofrequency device that melts abdominal fat without touching the skin. This procedure is suitable for all body types and is an effective option to reduce abdominal fat without any downtime or discomfort!

(Left) Before and after Vanquish Treatment. Photos courtesy of Advanced Dermatology, LLC.


For lax or sagging skin, we recommend Thermage®. This radiofrequency treatment helps tighten and tone the treated area and is ideal for the tummy, thighs, and arms.

Tripollar® Apollo is a fantastic option to treat cellulite, especially on the thighs. This comfortable procedure feels more like a warm massage and helps tighten the skin and improve the appearance of body contours. With Apollo, we recommend six weekly treatments for best results with a treatment every six months for maintenance of results.

As always, topical therapies help complement and enhance your response to body sculpting procedures. Dermaquest® Dermafirm ($102), available at skinfo® &, contains peppermint, green tea, caffeine and peptides. The peptides strengthen the skin to result in a tighter and more lifted appearance.