Clear + Brilliant

At Advanced Dermatology, we are excited to now be offering Clear + Brilliant laser treatment to assist in the battle against aging skin and pigmentation abnormalities. Clear + Brilliant is a gentle laser skin treatment that is clinically proven to improve the appearance of these effects of aging skin. There are two different treatment types that can be accomplished with this. With one type called Permea, melasma, scattered pigmentation, irregular tone or acne-induced red or brown spots can be treated gently and effectively. With the other type called Clear + Brilliant (yes, the same name as the device, a bit confusing), a reduction in the appearance of pores and fine wrinkles, as well as a generally more youthful and radiant glow can be expected. In fact, a 2011 study found that 92% of patients treated with Clear + Brilliant felt their skin looked younger and felt smoother.

Both Permea and Clear + Brilliant are simple yet effective treatments with very minimal downtime or potential complications. Three to six treatment sessions may be scheduled, each two to four weeks apart. Clear + Brilliant works by creating many tiny precise microscopic wounds in the upper layers of skin. This stimulates a healing process, replacing damaged skin with healthy, smoother and more even appearing skin. After treatment, the skin will appear red and possibly mildly swollen. This will resolve within a few hours to one day, and then the skin will appear “peppery” and feel slightly rough for up to one week. Lastly, for a few days the skin may be sensitive and slightly itchy. Makeup and sun exposure (with sunscreen) is permitted, even immediately after treatment.

Clear+BrillIn addition, especially for the treatment of melasma or brown discoloration of the facial skin, we may combine the Permea with Silk Peels, or hydrodermabrasion. The treatment sequence is Permea followed 2 weeks later by Silk Peel. This cycle is repeated for 3 sessions each for a total of 6 treatments and has a discounted price. Melasma is so difficult to treat…we bought this device SPECIFICALLY because it is one of the safest treatment for any skin type with melasma. We are excited about having a new treatment for this very difficult problem.

Clear + Brilliant and Permea treatments are much gentler than your usual laser treatment. They are less expensive and have less downtime and risk, yet they are quite effective. This treatment also enhances the penetration of topical products and medications used to improve skin health and appearance. If laser seems like it is too much or too scary for you, this is a perfect place to start. Your provider at Advanced Dermatology can help you determine which treatment is best for you. Clear + Brilliant is safe for women and men of all skin types, and treatment may be administered year-round, including during the summer months. If you are concerned about lackluster or aging skin, schedule an appointment with one of our cosmetic coordinators to learn more about Clear + Brilliant laser treatment.