Melasma, Winter/Spring 2017

My husband and I welcomed our first son last March and although I love every moment of motherhood, pregnancy and post-pregnancy took a toll on my skin. Fortunately, I am happy to share Advanced Dermatology’s many medical and cosmetic treatment options for skin concerns of moms in our new Mommy Skin Care series!
Melasma, or brown to gray-brown patches on the face, affect many women, including myself. Melasma is driven by hormones and sun exposure and usually develops on the cheeks, bridge of the nose, forehead, chin, and above the upper lip. It is so common during and after pregnancy that it is often referred to as the “mask of pregnancy”. At Advanced Dermatology, we recommend consistent sun protection with high percentage zinc oxide sunscreens, skinfo® Vita Matte ($43, 1.5oz) or Pure Protection ($38, 1.6oz), prescription azelaic acid, ADVRX 15% Azelaic Acid ($45, 30ml), and alternating prescription topical hydroquinone, skinfo® Bright Rx ($105, 2.2oz) with non-hydroquinone lighteners, SkinMedica® LYTERA® ($130, 2oz), skin brightening complex, skinfo® Bright ($64, 2.2oz). Chemical peels and lasers including Clear + Brilliant, Perméa™, Fraxel® Thulium, Q-switched RevLite® SI, and light based treatments such as intense pulse light (elight SRA) are also used once proper skincare is initiated.
For the past three months I have consistently used azelaic acid (prescription) followed by skinfo® Vita Matte in the morning. I find it easiest to reapply my sunscreen throughout the day using the Colorescience® Sunforgettable brush ($57, 0.21oz) as it goes over my makeup and is easy to throw in my diaper bag (I even dust it on my little one if we are on a long walk or at the park!). In the evening I apply skinfo® Bright Rx ($64, 2.2floz) (8% hydroquinone) followed by Epionce Lytic ($54, 1.7oz), or salicylic acid cream. I can already see the difference in my skin! I just recently started Clear + Brilliant Perméa™ treatments. Perméa™ is performed monthly in the office and is relatively painless. Minor redness, swelling and sensitivity can occur for the first 24 hours followed by minor skin roughness lasting 7-10 days. I find Perméa™ to be an easy, no downtime treatment, effective treatment for melasma along side my skincare.
Stay tuned for the next newsletter to learn about stretch marks, fat reduction and tissue tightening!