New Comfort Enhancement at Advanced Dermatology

We are happy to announce we now offer Nitronox, a combination of nitrous oxide and oxygen gas, for your comfort during most procedures at our Lincolnshire location. Nitrous oxide, also known as “laughing gas” has been successfully used for medical indications since the 1800s. The newer devices use a mix of nitrous and oxygen in a 50-50 ratio, as well as an “on demand” system meaning you will control it by breathing in deeply when you need it and not using it when you don’t.

With this type of usage, the effects wear off in minutes and you should be able to drive and resume normal activities immediately after your visit. There should be no lingering side effects. This treatment is now widely used in many types of outpatient medical settings as well as in labor and delivery suites.

This does not make treatments painless, but it does “take the edge off.” So, if your anxiety or fear of discomfort has been stopping you from getting a procedure you would really like to have, please let us know. This option is available to anyone 5 years of age and older. Exclusions are: people with respiratory or cardiac problems may need to get authorization of their pulmonary, heart or primary care physician. Anyone with a Vitamin B12 deficiency also should not have nitrous oxide. Occasionally, the effects can cause temporary dizziness or nausea.

Remember, this is in addition to comfort measures we already take such as the cold air cooling device we use with injectables and lasers, topical anesthetic we offer when it will help with an uncomfortable treatment, cloth gowns so you aren’t rustling around in those awful paper gowns, etc. We do care about your comfort!