Neck Treatments at Advanced Dermatology

Treating the neck is challenging because it heals more slowly than the face, due to a lack of glands. The limited elasticity of the skin leads to a greater number of treatments, as each must be gentler than the last. So, we have devised some combination treatments to help clarify what is needed. Five things can happen to the skin on the neck: laxity (sagging), discoloration (sun damage), horizontal lines (tech neck!), excess fat under the chin, and neck bands.

For the best results, we have paired Sofwave™ and Genius™. Sofwave™ is an excellent tissue-firming treatment using focused ultrasound to stimulate your skin cells to make new collagen and elastin. This approach promotes smoothing and tightening. Genius™ is a radiofrequency microneedling (RFMN) procedure. Why do we need both? The ultrasound goes to the midpoint of the skin and the RFMN goes to the deeper part of the skin. We need to get all layers of the skin thicker and firmer to get a noticeable improvement

Advanced Dermatology Simple Neck Combo for early laxity:
This treatment is for those of you with early aging (i.e., in your 40s!)
• 1 Sofwave™ + 1 Genius™ = 1 hour of your time, with minimum downtime!
The package is 5% off, plus one free skinfo® Neck of Time product! ($89 value)

Advanced Dermatology Intermediate Neck Combo for moderate laxity:
The Intermediate Neck Combo is for those in their 50s who are past the early stage but not yet to full-on turkey neck!
• 2 Sofwave™ and 2 Genius™ plus some neurotoxin = 2 hours total + a small visit of your time.
Why neurotoxin? Because the neck muscles insert into the jawline and pull the jawline down, causing the neck to sag more. If we relax these muscles, the neck will not have the downward pulling, and it will also be easier for the skin to make new collagen and elastin.
The package is 15% off, plus one free DefenAge® 6-week Perfection Neck Tightening Cream! ($95 value)

Advanced Dermatology Substantial Neck Combo for severe laxity:
Into your 60s and without previous treatments, your neck has seen a deterioration in its ability to make new collagen and an increase in collagen and elastic tissue degradation. You can choose between surgery and non-invasive outcomes.
• If you choose non-invasive treatments, we will need to perform 3 Sofwave™ and 3 Genius™ (each combo 1 month apart) preceded by a brief neurotoxin appointment 1 day to 2 weeks before your treatment.
The package is 20% off, plus one free Neocutis® NeoFirm Neck and Decollete Rejuvenating Complex ($135 value)

Advanced Dermatology Ultimate Neck Combo:
For those who opt against recommended surgery, we would need to combine the following treatments
CO2RE deep with Sofwave™ X 2 alternating with Genius™ and Sofwave™ X 2 preceded by a brief neurotoxin appointment 1 day to 2 weeks before your treatment.
The package is 25% off, plus 1 free DefenAge® 6-week Pro Perfection Neck Tightening Cream and 1 Alastin® Nectar ($303 value) for healing from CO2.

The neck combos above are for sagging (laxity), which seems to be the number 1 complaint. We can tailor an individualized plan to include things for tech neck, neck bands, and neck fat if you need these in addition to the packages above. We also recognize the need for comfort with these treatments. While they are mostly tolerable with topical anesthetic and cold forced air, we want you to be relaxed and enjoy your self-care so we will also include a free Nitronox treatment (nitrous oxide 50%) with each treatment. This is not 100% nitrous – it is an on-demand system which means you will take a few deep breaths, relax, and then if you are getting anxious or feel a bit of discomfort, you take a few more breaths to relax. It only takes five minutes to fully recover, so you will not need a ride and will be able to drive yourself home.