Complexion Blending

Darker skin can sometimes hyperpigment in more than one shade in response to acne, sun, injury, dryness, irritation and many other variable. Complexion blending is a way of using a laser to try to make the hyperpigmentation lighter so that the color is much more even. It also accomplishes some improvements in texture, pores and mild wrinkling or scarring with no downtime. This treatment seems to be most effective for darker skin types: Mediterranean, Indian, Asian, African-American and Middle-Eastern. The treatment is painless and has zero downtime (this means you can go right back to your daily activities and nobody will notice and there is no wound care required). This is usually done as one treatment every month for 5 months, sometimes fewer or more are needed. Technically this is called the “Genesis Procedure” and is accomplished with a 1064 nanometer YAG laser. Our brand is the Cutera® Vantage on the Xeo platform (why these laser companies have to give so many different names to their devices and procedures is beyond me….it confuses everybody!!!). Call for a consultation if you feel this could be something that can help!