More Convenient Options for Follow-Up Visits with DermLink & AestheticLink

Advanced Dermatology understands that free time is hard to come by and at times you may only have a few moments to spare! We now have the technology available allowing you to communicate with your medical provider via web. We are excited to announce the launch of DermLink and AestheticLink within our practice to help you make the most of your precious time.

With DermLink our patients are now able to utilize a HIPPA compliant web application via or by downloading the DermLink app on your iPhone or iPad to connect with your Advanced Dermatology medical provider. At this time, the use of DermLink is limited to the following categories:
• follow up acne and accutane patients away at school
• recent surgical cases with questions or concerns
• new single suspicious lesion for patients with a history of skin cancer

Eligible patients can receive the patient invitation code from our clinical team. Patients will upload a photograph(s) of their current medical skin problem as well as answer a few questions regarding that same problem. Patients will then receive an answer back from their Advanced Dermatology medical provider within 24 hours with a diagnosis, treatment plan and prescription, when needed. Unfortunately, this online visit is not able to be billed to insurance. The fee is $60 and comparable to that of specialist co-pay. In some instances, if the provider feels an in-office visit is warranted they will advise of such and there will not be a fee associated.

AestheticLink is similar to DermLink but is used for cosmetic inquiries rather than medical inquiries. All new and existing patients are able to access this HIPPA compliant web application by logging on to to connect with an Advanced Dermatology cosmetic provider. The patient invitation code is 69544. AestheticLink does not currently have a mobile based app but should have one in the very near future. This service can be utilized for new cosmetic treatment questions for a $75 consultation fee as well as complimentary post cosmetic treatment follow-up care. Patients would not need to schedule an in office consultation prior to new cosmetic treatments if a web consultation is completed and sufficient.

This service is by no means meant to replace in-office visits but rather an extra tool for individuals with a busy schedule to get the answers they desire. If you would like more information on DermLink and AestheticLink or wanted to schedule an in-office visit always feel free to reach out to us by calling 847-459-6400. We look forward to seeing you soon- whether it is through a computer screen or in person- the choice is now yours to make.