I have Fitzpatrick Skin Type VI with Hyperpigmentation, What are My Treatment Options?

Hyperpigmentation is a common dermatologic complaint and is more common in those with skin types IV or greater. Hyperpigmentation can be a sequela from acne, trauma, surgeries, rashes, bruises, and more. Although hyperpigmentation is frustrating and bothersome, there are many treatment options. Topical treatment options include hydroquinone, which can be used twice a day for several months at a time, but periodic breaks need to be taken to prevent side effects. Retinoids, such as tretinoin and retinol, are beneficial by increasing epidermal turnover. Azelaic acid, which is used to treat rosacea, has potential lightening properties, is typically not irritating, and is very safe. There are also cosmeceuticals in over-the counter products that have lightening properties. In terms of in-office procedures, we have several lasers that can safely treat pigmentation in patients with darker skin types. These lasers include Permea, LaseMD®, and Fraxel® and can all be used to improve pigmentation in those with Skin types Ill or greater. Multiple treatments are required for all lasers. I encourage you to inquire about options to improve pigmentation, particularly if you are Black, Asian, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, or have pigmentation issues, as I am certain we can assist you!

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