CoolSculpting System Upgrade Fall/Winter Newsletter 2016

Advanced Dermatology is excited to offer the addition of the CoolAdvantageTM Applicator to our existing CoolSculpting® System. CoolSculpting® is FDA approved for non-invasive fat reduction utilizing cooling applicators to permanently eliminate fat cells from beneath the skin. The CoolAdvantageTM applicator treats fat at a lower temperature than previous applicators. It also has a more comfortable applicator cup design with the additional benefit of increased direct tissue contact with the cooling surface. With these changes, the CoolAdvantageTM is able to complete a treatment cycle in only 35 minutes 
versus the 60 minutes required with earlier applicators.

The CoolAdvantageTM Applicator comes with three interchangeable treatment contours, allowing for quick, comfortable, and effective
 fat reduction in multiple body areas. Commonly treated areas include the upper and lower abdomen, the flanks, the inner thighs, and the upper arms. In addition, Advanced Dermatology is proud to offer DualSculpting, which allows for the treatment of two body areas during a single treatment session. For best results, our providers can recommend a treatment plan to address your specific needs.

Over the past decade, medical providers in over 70 countries have performed millions of CoolSculpting® procedures. Research shows
 that up to 95 percent of patients are satisfied with their Coolsculpting® experience. With the latest available improvements in CoolSculpting® technology, Advanced Dermatology continues 
to offer cutting-edge medical technology in the area of permanent non-invasive fat reduction. If you 
are interested in transforming your body, feel free to schedule a cosmetic consultation to discuss CoolSculpting® with one of our providers.