DefenAge® Skincare Research Study Shows Positive Results for Wrinkles, Pores, Pigmentation and Skin Thickness and Evenness

The results of the DefenAge® Skincare Study were published in the April edition of the Journal of Drugs and Dermatology. Three research and clinical sites performed the study of 45 women over 12 weeks. Advanced Dermatology was one of the sites and I was the principle investigator. The other research sites were that of Dr. Vivian Bucay in San Antonio, TX, and Dr. Gregory Keller in Santa Barbara, CA. I have presented the data at multiple meetings, both nationally and internationally.

In the Advanced Dermatology site, 15 women used either the actual product or a product that looked and felt the same, but had the active ingredients removed (placebo group). Neither investigators nor the patients knew who had the active or the placebo product. I evaluated the patients based on their appearance at 3 visits, photography and also some of the test subjects had biopsies behind their ears (all subjects were asked to use the product behind their ears as well).

DefenAge® Clinical Power Trio consists of a cream, serum and mask and all 3 products were used by the participating subjects for 12 weeks. They also used the same sunscreen and cleanser that was provided to them and did not use any other skincare products. There were many other exclusions as well (e.g. no recent aesthetic laser or other treatments and had to stop all current skincare products for a period of time).

The data showed that there was a statistically significant improvement in epidermal thickness (thickness of the top layer of skin), reduction in fine and coarse wrinkles, reduction in melanin pigment and reduction in pore appearance. Statistical significance means that it is unlikely that these results would have taken place by chance.

The main ingredient in DefenAge® products is defensins and this is the first time a skincare product has used this ingredient in an anti-aging or cosmetic product. Defensins are molecules that are manufactured by our body and function as a signal from immune cells to perform certain tasks, one of them being to awaken stem cells in the hair follicle that can make new skin when the skin is injured. By wakening these cells on a regular basis, we are able to renew our skin using our own internal population of cells that is held dormant by the body for emergencies. Thus, this unleashes our own power to renew our own skin and “turn back the hands of time”.

Another important point of the study was that the products did not create any inflammation. Sometimes inflammation can stir up skin renewal, but it may come at a cost. For one thing, most people don’t want to have red, scaly skin on a regular basis as part of their skincare regimen. Also, DefenAge® did not cause any sun sensitivity, yet it did thicken the surface part of the skin, making the appearance smoother. Thickening the skin is a primary goal of retinol, yet retinol can cause dryness and sun sensitivity, so DefenAge® is a great alternative, although it also can be used in conjunction.

Finally, there were some special tests done on the biopsies to show the skin did not create more molecules associated with cancer. This reassures us, although the skincare is stimulating the skin to grow more, it is not stimulating cancer cells (if there are any in the skin) to grow more.

All in all, this study was a huge success; it is also borne out by the many users of DefenAge® all over the country, as well as our own patients. To learn more about DefenAge®, visit or just come into skinfo®!

*Comparisons of before (left) and after (right) twelve weeks of DefenAge® use. Photos courtesy of Advanced Dermatology, LLC. Results may vary.