Dr. Taub’s Letter, Newsletter Spring/Summer 2015

Everybody seemed to enjoy when I shared information about my trip in the last newsletter, so I am going to share a little more with you this time… not dermatology related. I went on a yoga “retreat” with friends and a group of people to an eco-resort in Costa Rica called Blue Osa. The setting was beautiful (see a few pictures in the photo section), although definitely outside of my comfort zone! The average temp was 88°F with 100% humidity and no air conditioning. All of the electricity was provided via solar power.  There was only one area with wifi and flushing toilet paper was not allowed! We practiced 3.5 hours of yoga a day. I am by no means a very experienced or advanced practitioner of yoga, but it was a way for me to completely decompress and relax. They say that’s good for your health!

It is an excellent way to take stock of your inner self (they call it the Self with a capital S), which is something that we can easily overlook in our busy workdays and whirlwind of activities, unless we are very focused on it. I cannot lie when I tell you I was very happy to return to civilization! But I miss my new friends, the ease of having no responsibilities and am happy with my improved flexibility and balance! It was great to be out of the arctic blasts but I really did look forward to the cold.

We are excited for Skin for Life this year; it is scheduled for Thursday May 28th. You don’t want to miss it! It has become a highlight of my year where we get to enjoy a unique fashion show and have great fun in the name of raising money and awareness for the Skin Cancer Foundation. We have moved the venue this year to the Deerfield Hyatt; this affords us a bit more space to spread out and we are hoping to have a huge crowd this year. Please tell all your friends! Although I donate to many different non-profit organizations personally, this has been such a rewarding experience to try to make a difference through a more active endeavor. We are very passionate about skin cancer prevention and education. Education is the key; in Australia educational efforts by the government have led to a steep decline in skin cancer there. All schoolchildren are required to wear hats at recess and put sunscreen on before going outside. If only we could get this accomplished in the US.

We closed the practice for a day in January to have an all-staff education day. We usually do this in June but I have learned so much in my meeting travels that I felt it necessary to get everyone up to speed! There is a lot going on in the world of dermatology and we want to stay on the forefront of best practices.

Don’t forget about DualSculpting– this is doing 2 CoolSculpting® procedures at once to reduce the time necessary for the treatment. I have had my abdomen and flanks CoolSculpted and plan to do my inner and outer thighs when I can find the time. It jump started me on to a diet plan where I lost 8 pounds. I couldn’t stand having a roll of stomach sticking out when I sat down and this diminished that! CoolSculpting® has emerged as the clear leader in non-invasive fat reduction and has been shown to be safe and PERMANENT (as long as you maintain a stable weight!).

Let’s enjoy our good weather zone!!!Go Cubs (could this be the year? – Don’t mean to alienate you Sox fans but my heart is still with the Cubs!)