Evolastin – The First Minimally Invasive Aesthetic Treatment

EvolastinTM is the first minimally invasive aesthetic treatment which improves facial skin laxity and volumizes the skin in one treatment. EvolastinTM improves skin thickness, firmness and elasticity. Difficult areas to treat such as jowls, loose skin on the neck, and fine lines around the mouth can now be improved with EvolastinTM. EvolastinTM works by delivering a precise amount of radiofrequency energy or heat into the deep layers of the skin called the dermis. The heat causes the skin to tighten and collagen and elastin to be produced. EvolastinTM is superior to traditional tissue tightening devices because it delivers better and more consistent results. With traditional tissue tightening procedures the heat is deployed from the surface of the skin and there can be a degree of uncertainty about how much heat actually gets to the deeper layers of the skin. With EvolastinTM the heat is delivered through five pairs of fine gauge needles. The use of fine gauge needles allows the heat to be placed deeper in the skin which leads to more collagen and elastin production and superior results. Also with EvolastinTM, a real time feedback system is used during the treatment to monitor the temperature and tissue impedance to assure the best results regardless of skin conditions or skin types.