FAQ’s About Insurance

What is a deductible and have you met yours yet?

A deductible is the fixed amount you pay for covered benefits out of pocket before your health insurance plan begins to pay for health care costs. So, if you have met your deductible this year already, you’ll pay nothing out of pocket for office visits and medical procedures for the rest of the year. In Dermatology, all procedures performed in the office that involve removing anything from the skin is considered by insurance to be a minor surgical procedure. Treatments such as injecting cysts, destroying warts, keratosis, and removing a mole are applied to a deductible. As much as we encourage patients to have yearly skin exams, these visits cannot be billed to insurance as routine or preventive care. They are billed as a regular office visit and count towards your deductible.

Make sure you take advantage of having to pay nothing out of pocket! Call or text our office today to set up an office visit before your deductible rolls over next year!