Which filler for which wrinkle?, Summer 2014 Newsletter

It is head spinning to decipher which treatment is needed for which wrinkle. We will break down two of the most popular anti-aging facial treatments, neurotoxins and facial fillers, to help you decide which treatment is best for you.

Neurotoxins include products such as Botox®, Dysport, and Xeomin® and are used to treat dynamic wrinkles of the face. Dynamic facial wrinkles are wrinkles which develop from using the muscles of the face. For example, squinting and intense concentration furrows the brow which flexes the muscles between the eyebrows. This movement creates vertical lines between the eyebrows which are commonly called the 11 lines. Crow’s feet are wrinkles which develop around the outside of the eye from smiling.

Young female with clean fresh skin

Neurotoxins such as BOTOX®, Dysport, and Xeomin® are used to smooth away the 11 lines and crow’s feet in one treatment. Neurotoxins are injected into the moving muscles to relax them and diminish the appearance of the wrinkles. Also, using a product like Revision® Revox® II ($91 for 5oz) in the area treated with neurotoxin can help prolong the results. Revox® II contains a combo of five different peptides to firm the skin, relax muscles and increase collagen leaving the skin looking better than ever.

Facial fillers include products such as Restylane®, Restylane Lyft®, Juvéderm® Ultra, Juvéderm® Ultra Plus, Voluma and Sculptra®. Facial fillers are used to treat facial volume loss. The volume loss occurs naturally as the fat pads in the face slowly diminish with age. This volume loss creates a fold from the nostril to the corner of the mouth often referred to as a parenthese, and a fold from the corner of the mouth to the chin called a marionette line. Facial fillers are injected into the areas of volume loss to diminish the appearance of facial folds and give a more youthful appearance. Voluma is the newest facial filler to be FDA approved, and it has revolutionized the treatment of volume loss in the face. Voluma is used to restore cheek volume and lift the cheek giving the face a natural, rejuvenated appearance. Lastly, using a product like SkinMedica TNS Recovery Complex ($172 for .63oz) to the entire face will help prolong the results of fillers, improve skin texture, and further reduce fine lines.